Are you wondering how your current computer solution stacks up?

Find out! With a complimentary in-depth System Assessment by our expert engineering teams here at RAVE Computer. We will compare your current solution to what we know is the best performing, cost-effective solution for your application and requirements. To get started, simply complete this brief form and a RAVE team member will contact you.

Don’t have a BOM? Send us one of your quotes or contact us and we’ll design one for you.

Our RAVE System Assessment reviews:

  • The components in your existing BOM, with recommendations for enhancements.
  • Component lifecycles, with recommendations to extend lifecycles to support future production needs.
  • Production and part lead times, with recommendations for shortening lead times and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Quality, build consistency and pricing, with recommendations to ensure your solution is optimized for your application.

If you would like to contact our specialists directly, please call 800-966-7283 and ask for an account manager.