Your Personal AI Supercomputer

These revolutionary purpose-built workstations for deep learning AI are the latest from NVIDIA. The DGX Station offers exceptional performance for deep learning and AI – it brings NVIDIA’s groundbreaking AI capability to your desk. Now you can get the computing capacity of 400 CPU’s, in a workstation that conveniently fits under your desk, drawing less than 1/20th the power. The NVIDIA® DGX Station™ delivers incredible deep learning and analytics performance, designed for the office and whisper quiet with only 1/10th the noise of other workstations.

The NVIDIA DGX systems will also integrate with NVIDIA’s upcoming cloud capabilities, which offer mobility and flexibility (running locally at your DGX Station, in the datacenter on your DGX-1, or in the cloud). Additional frameworks and software updates will be released via NVIDIA’s online application repository.

RAVE Computer is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider, high performance computing consultant, and approved reseller for DGX systems. For more information contact our sales team.