A few examples of RAVE’s OEM/ISV relationships:


TSA-Certified Checked-Baggage Explosive Detection Systems

The need for vigilance in air travel is now more important then ever. And keeping air travelers and their baggage moving quickly and safely in the face of evolving threats is an ongoing challenge for airports and the TSA. RAVE Computer provides state-of-the-art embedded computers to keep air travelers safe. The checked-baggage EDSs use advanced CT technology to provide enhanced, real-time, high-resolution 3-D images of the entire contents of a bag or parcel.


Ion Implantation Systems

Ion implantation is a materials engineering process by which ions of a material are accelerated in an electrical field and impacted into a solid. This process is used to change the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the solid.  RAVE Computer provides computers that accurately facilitate this process, and accelerate overall production.


Gravure Plate Engraver

Technical refresh for gravure plate engraver equipment. The refresh created a newer version of a previous computer that will work with their software. RAVE qualified, engineered and manufactured a solution that will keep these presses running for years.


Signal Processing Equipment

We work closely with a provider of high-performance signal and image processing solutions using state of the art optical, digital, and analog technology.

RAVE Computer collaborates intensively to develop and deploy hardware solutions that allow accurate, lightning-fast results.

The RAVE team provides extraordinary knowledge and experience in multiple engineering disciplines that is second to none.


Digital Testing & Measuring Equipment

No matter what you are measuring, RAVE can help you measure it. When OEM’s depend on fast calculations, and image rendering, they turn to RAVE Computer. Our years of experience in digital testing and measuring equipment hardware puts the right system into any application.