RAVE Provides Integrated Solutions from Concept Development to Delivery.

RAVE will enable your company (or on behalf of your customer) the ability to source quality built computer systems that are completely integrated, built to your specifications and within your budget, enabling you to:

  • Avoid the capital investment of expanding your own infrastructure
  • Streamline the product development process
  • Receive technology updates and quickly adapt new technologies
  • Gain quick access to personalized technical support
  • Lower hardware costs
  • Complete Range of Services… From Start to Finish

In today’s connected world, system integration is becoming more and more complex with systems needing to be configured to connect together, both within the system under construction and to systems that are already deployed. RAVE Computer offers a complete range of services that addresses the full integration lifecycle – from assessment and development to production and management, which ensures that you stay on track to meet your current and future business goals.

Making a Difference from Concept Development to Delivery

RAVE’s project management engineers identify and implement strategies and solutions to accelerate your time-to-market objectives, reduce the risk of improperly configured systems, minimize technical support costs, and deliver cost-competitive, top quality products to you or your customers. RAVE separates itself from the competition by going the extra mile to offer key differentiators that make a difference within the entire process from concept development to delivery.

Rave’s key differentiators include:

  • No minimum run
  • Rave builds to forecast and ships per your schedule
  • “Ship-to-Shelf” – RAVE will warehouse your completely integrated products ready for immediate shipment
  • Multi-vendor compatibility testing
  • Testing of application software after load
  • Product obsolescence/EOL management
  • Immediate access to technical support
  • RAVE can Accommodate Small or Large Volumes

Unlike contract manufacturers who can only turn out large runs of identical products, RAVE can accommodate small or large volumes of custom configurations at cost-effective prices. RAVE has earned the reputation and is known for building turn-key solutions with advantages that positively impact your bottom line. With a highly flexible production model and state-of-the-art integration facility, RAVE takes great pride in offering products and solutions that are fully integrated, tested and certified to meet all of your needs.

In addition to offering system integration services, RAVE also provides an impressive portfolio of services including:

  • Electrical and mechanical engineering support
  • Supply chain management
  • Packaging and handling of shipments nationally and worldwide
  • Project management
  • Private labeled branding
  • Systems ruggedization
  • Quality trends and tracking reporting
  • Rave’s Expertise Behind the Solution

RAVE stands behind every product we build. Our years of experience, strong supplier relationships, and proven processes provide an advantage that you can leverage with confidence.

The RAVE Advantage:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
  • Extensive experience in MIL-SPEC and FDA
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Lean initiatives, including Kaizen principles
  • Documented end-to-end process management
  • Quality processes documentation
  • Customized quality assurance inspections
  • System tracking, including asset tagging and serial number traceability
  • RMA tracking and reporting
  • Evaluation System, Management & Support

RAVE will integrate, manage, ship, and support evaluation systems for OEM and ISV’s who have an evaluation program with their customers. We will blind ship on your behalf, fully configured systems that meet your specifications, to the destination of your choice.

Evaluation systems that are being returned for redeployment will go through an incoming inspection to check for damage and to ensure contents match the original bill of material (BOM).

RAVE will test and recertify previously deployed evaluation systems for a fixed cost per event. Upon return receipt, we will recondition and test the unit which will be returned to your evaluation pool ready to ship again.

RAVE also gives you personal access to an online partner portal, with the ability to track the availability of your evaluation pool inventory. Features include:

  • Personalized sign-in
  • Personalized product specific catalog
  • Ability to enter new customer and shipping information
  • Ability to add special instructions
  • Ability to track and monitor shipping data