NVIDIA RTX continued

By April 2nd, 2019Uncategorized



NVIDIA RTX is the dawn of a new approach.

Consider this: a 50% improvement from one generation of technology to the next is considered extremely laudable in the industry. When it comes to rendering computer graphics, RTX technology can provide as much as a 600% improvement. This is possible because NVIDIA took a novel approach by applying AI to the problem, ultimately reducing the number of calculations required to render an image by equipping their processors with the ability to inference several additional results for every calculation processed. When applied, this new method can provide an improvement in rendering performance most experts would have expected to wait 8-10 years for.

Of course with any new technology breakthrough, the ecosystem and user base must make significant changes in order to leverage it. This has been true with every major technology event – from the invention of paper to the dawn of the internet. People needed to learn a language to use paper and networks had to be installed for the internet to become effective. Smartphones didn’t appeal to many people until apps were written to provide meaning and usefulness. Such is the case with RTX, because while the technology and the hardware both exist today, software must be rewritten to use it.

So if you run into someone downplaying the true impact of NVIDIA’s new RTX technology, smile to yourself and be patient. RTX really is a big deal.