RAVE® has over two decades of experience in supplying hardware platforms to our OEM manufacturing customers. By working with RAVE, you form a comprehensive manufacturing relationship where you can draw upon expertise across a variety of disciplines.

RAVE’s goal in working with our OEM partners is to help you differentiate your solution and better your cost-efficiencies by leveraging RAVE’s ability to deliver state-of-the-art products, customization, integration, and stellar sales/technical support services.

RAVE’s OEM manufacturing partners are using RAVE hardware platforms in a variety of markets that include simulation & training, communications, digital signage, security, laboratory test environments, and many others.

Please take a moment to explore how RAVE can improve your sales potential, reduce your technical overhead, and better your bottom line.

  1. Differentiation – would you like to deliver your solution on a hardware platform where you can protect your margins
  2. Identity Branding – would you like to deliver a turnkey product under your own identity brand and logo?
  3. Integration – do you use specialized adapters in your solution that you would like integrated and tested in the factory before delivery?
  4. Customization – do you have unique requirements for your solution that involve special designs to optimize space, weight, or sound?
  5. Consistency – would you benefit from having Bill of Materials management to ensure consistency in deliverables over time?
  6. Consultation – would you like to be able to discuss potential design enhancements with knowledgeable engineers without being charged a fee?
  7. Reduced Overhead – could you reduce your internal overhead and infrastructure by using Rave to offload in-house manufacturing, integration, and testing services?

In choosing RAVE as your hardware partner, you can make your solutions:

  • Quicker to deploy
  • Easier to support
  • Predictable in their behavior
  • Consistent in their high quality
  • Branded with your corporate identity to establish market recognition for your solution.

Commitment to Excellence

RAVE Computer is committed to consistently providing our customers with quality products and services. It is our commitment that every component in each system we build is rigorously tested prior to shipment/delivery to ensure hardware/software compatibility and reliability. You can count on us to provide:

  • Testing of multi-vendor products for operating systems compatibility
  • Standardize production processes to ensure repeatable quality while keeping costs lower
  • Rapid turnaround by keeping components in stock, while reducing your warehousing costs
  • Comprehensive Customer Support System
  • Lifetime toll-free technical support

High Quality OEM Manufacturing and Testing

RAVE Computer is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with state-of-the-art ESD-certified facilities to ensure the highest level of quality.