RAVE Local

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RAVE is a non-traditional contractor, and can help the NAMC/DATC community in three ways:

  1. RAVE can deliver full system solutions for your onboard compute power requirements for your prototype;
  2. RAVE can provide computer hardware solutions for high-end design and analysis to help you develop your prototype; and
  3. RAVE can offer compute systems to effectively demonstrate your digital prototype.

RAVE has earned the status of “Elite Solution Provider” with NVIDIA® and we are one of less than ten companies globally with this status. Similarly, RAVE has earned Platinum Partner status with Intel®. These relationships, in addition to others, allow us to provide bleeding-edge technology solutions using the latest and greatest graphics and processing hardware.

Visit our website to learn about our capabilities. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about what your team is working on and to discuss if we can help you solve your compute challenges.