Ricks Reflections – January

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Ricks Reflections


The first piece of computer equipment I sold was a 45 IPS, 800 BPI reel to reel tape drive. I bought it from a newspaper,  sold it to a furniture company, and I made $4000! That was a fortune back then; average income was only $15,000. Those days were fun; I created a lot of income.  My problem was that as the minority partner I didn’t see much of it! There are a thousand other stories and reasons but to make a long story short, I had enough of working for someone else and I started thinking about starting my own company.

RAVE Computer was started in a basement, actually two of them.  When I left the first company I took three others with me. I would be President/CEO and majority stock holder this time; my other new partners had backgrounds in finance, computer hardware testing and integration, and purchasing. What most people don’t know is how we came up with the name RAVE Computer. With the vision of starting a new company –  drinks in hand, a pen and napkin, and after lots of ideas,  we realized that the middle initials of our names spelled R-A-V-E, the rest is history.

In the next newsletter, I will share how our business really got moving, what we sold and brag how we at one time were the largest Documation card reader resellers in the Midwest.