Rick’s Reflections – November

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Rick’s Reflections


RAVE found niche markets that took advantage of this enhancement. We ultimately sold several thousands of them and became Weitek’s largest reseller in the US.  In fact, when they finally went out of business, RAVE bought their entire remaining inventory and was the only source in the world where someone could purchase the product new. We sold every last one of them.

There are numerous other examples I could give of other products manufactured once or currently that were/are capable of adding performance boosts to standard OEM systems. This can be accomplished in many different ways including at the CPU or graphics level or involving floating points units (FPU), faster storage, memory, network cards, software related etc.

System performance enhancements are in our DNA, it is what we do all the time. RAVE is constantly seeking ways to boost systems performance beyond what can be purchased from standard manufacturers. (Had to throw in a plug.)

We sometimes talk so much about enhancements and customization that in our messaging it sometimes gets lost that RAVE also is an integrator of standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) products. COTS integration is over 50 percent of our total business.

In the 1990’s to early 2000’s RAVE took our customization to the next level. Beyond integrating multivendor products we started producing our own enhancements, starting at the computer chassis level. We started designing custom chassis to meet various fit, form and function requirements. Examples included smaller chassis same power, needed to be embedded into something where a standard system wouldn’t fit or attached to something like under a desk or to a wall.

Our next step was not only custom form a fit, form and function but now able to perform in nonstandard IT environments such as hot, cold, dusty, damp, vibration and noise. These are examples of challenges we needed to overcome as we evolved into supporting OEM’s and the Defense industry. Today we have thousands of systems installed everywhere from submarines to aircraft, to deserts to jungles, on trucks to ships, from computer rooms to rolling carts, and labs -to hopefully on your desktop.

Our tagline promotes “purpose built computers” – much of our innovation started with a discussion with an end-user who was trying to meet a need or solve a problem. As we solved one end-users need sometimes we discovered that there were user groups that could benefit from the same solution. Through targeted marketing we found them and our volume for a particular solution increased. Speaking to those customers, we received feedback, ideas for enhancements. As new technologies continue to be introduced we found ways where we could both enhance and improve what we offered. Between feedback, adoption and innovation, RAVE created solutions that are frankly kick-ass.

We had a challenge, what do we call these solutions? Our solution was the creation of what we now call “RAVE Systems.” Our systems have been recognized for their innovation, we have received many prestigious awards. I am particularly proud of one of them.

Intel, the chip manufacturer, has various levels of technology partners, the highest being Platinum – this represents their “top 1 percent.” RAVE has been Platinum for well over a decade. Platinum partners receive Intel’s highest level of support and are invited once a year to their Intel Partner Connect event where they discuss their products and roadmaps plus have an awards ceremony. In front of all of their execs and partners RAVE (who most other companies didn’t know at the time) won Intel’s award for “Most innovative Server/workstation in North America” and “Partner of the Year.” INTEL offers “Partner of the Year awards each year in various categories. RAVE has been named Partner of the Year or won an Intel award eight of the last twelve years. This past year RAVE was named Partner of the Year in the Datacenter Platform Category.

What is a “RAVE System?” They are a series of different products that we offer across our different Business Units. Check out our website www.rave.com to learn more.

In the next newsletter I will share how having our own brand is both exciting and challenging. With your own brand there is no cover, nobody else is creating demand or promoting you, it falls on us.