RAVE offers an array of rugged computing solutions, both highly portable and rack mounted servers, which delivers state-of-the art performance with unprecedented mobility and durability.

Our rugged portable solutions support many of the same high-end components and configurations as our award-winning rackmount servers and workstations do. But these are in a rugged portable form factor that allows you to be up and running just seconds after you arrive on-site.

We offer stand-alone rugged computing solutions, integrated ruggedized mobile racks, or configurations with one, two or three integrated displays as well as integrated peripherals. Our systems support a wide range of components and technologies. So whether your application requires high clock-speeds for single-threaded workloads or massive amounts of CPU cores for parallel computations, RAVE will create a highly optimized hardware configuration that is tailored to your application.

RAVE provides support for the latest processors, storage, memory, GPU’s and expansion cards. Including:


  • Processors
    The latest Intel Xeon and Core CPUs, as well as AMD EPYC and Threadripper.
  • Storage
    Support for large storage configurations with the latest ultra-fast NVMe SSDs and hot-swappable drive bays.
  • Memory
    The latest DDR4 memory (dependent on CPU platform).
  • GPU
    NVIDIA Quadro and GeForce GPUs including options for NVLINK, Quadro Sync, and multi-GPU configurations.
  • Expansion
    Multiple expansion cards to support a range of I/O devices from network and storage interfaces to FPGAs.

Below is a sampling of RAVE Systems® in this area. Click here for more information and contact us.

Rugged Laptop

Rugged Laptop

Designed to withstand extremely harsh environments. Designed to meet the needs of companies in a wide variety of industries.

3U Server

3U Server

Engineered for customers in ISR.

4U Server

5U Server

High speed data recorder delivers high performance, maximum reliability and quick data portability.


Rugged Tri-Screen

Pack an amazing amount of compute and GPU power into a small chassis.