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RAVE Computer is a proud Registration & Helpdesk Sponsor – Come visit our booth and register below to join us in an exclusive panel discussion with NVIDIA on the new Ampere architecture

Wednesday, December 2
11:30 a.m. EST
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GPUs can revolutionize training and simulation:
NVIDIA’s new Ampere

Join RAVE Computer and NVIDIA on December 2 at 11:30 a.m. EST for a lively virtual panel during vIITSEC 2020 where we will get you up to speed on how the new generation of GPUs can continue to revolutionize simulation. You will be introduced to NVIDIA’s new Ampere series products, capabilities and roadmaps. Hear a discussion about best practices on how, when and where you can best adopt them. This virtual panel is Part 1 of a series where we will discuss how you can optimize, select, integrate and deploy the most effective technology into your training and simulation programs.

Meet our Expert Panelists

James Skurka

Jim Skurka is an Independent Consultant. Prior to consulting, he held both Government and Industry senior management positions involving the acquisition and support of electronics materiel for the Defense Department. Jim was the first Senior Executive Service manager in STRICOM, the predecessor organization of Army PEO STRI, and has extensive experience in training simulation systems.

Doug Traill

Doug Traill is a Director of Solution Architecture and Technology at NVIDIA. He leads a team of exceptional Solution Architects covering Professional Visualization, Advanced Rendering, VR/AR, Graphics Virtualization and Artificial Intelligence for Graphics.

Tim Woodard

Tim Woodard is a Solutions Architect with NVIDIA’s Professional Visualization team, working with Federal integrators and customers to get the most out of NVIDIA’s pro-viz solutions. This includes professional GPUs, virtual and augmented reality, advanced rendering, virtualization, and deep learning for MS&T. Tim has over 20 years of experience designing and developing software architectures for real-time simulation visual systems for medical, driving, and flight training.

Karl Rosenberger

Karl Rosenberger is the Chief Technologist for RAVE Computer. He brings over 30 years of computer industry experience, and is known for figuring out complex cause and solutions for technical issues. In 2009, Karl led RAVE Computer in building a short-depth, quiet 2U image generator that won the Intel 2010 “Most Innovative Reseller Partner of the Year” in the Server/Workstation category.

Matthew Moy

is a Systems Engineer and has worked on the RAVE Product Development team for 10 years while focusing on GPU-based computing solutions. His work leverages the latest developments in GPU and computing technology to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of RAVE’s customer base.

Our solutions give our customers the ability to take their training to the Point of Need.

Optimized Solutions

RAVE® designs and builds cutting-edge hardware solutions optimized for Live, Virtual, Constructive simulation environments including:

  • Combat tactical trainers
  • Aviation trainers
  • Driver trainers
  • Mobile trainers
  • Law enforcement training applications

Custom Configurations

Additionally, RAVE’s engineering and product development teams are experts at balancing system characteristics with price, performance and other factors such as:

  • Acoustic output
  • Frame rendering speed
  • Image quality and accuracy
  • Physical size
  • Reliability
  • Component availability/lifecycle management
  • Power draw/thermal management

Hardware Expertise

Likewise, RAVE offers new technologies that increase throughput and upgrade client capabilities. Similarly, Training and Simulation expertise includes hardware for the following:

  • Image Generators
  • Battle Master Controllers
  • GPU Intensive Applications
  • After Action Review
  • Basic Skills Trainer
  • Table Top Trainer
  • Instructor Operator Station
  • Terrain Data Base
  • Authoring
  • Recording
  • Content Development

Real World Experience

In short, our extensive Modeling, Simulation and Visualization experience and capability to support and execute computer hardware related tasks for Training & Simulation programs of record have been demonstrated on various contracts such as Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT), Basic Skills Trainer (BST), Virtual Clearance Training Suites (VCTS) and Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS).  Certainly, our experience is leveraged in the following ways:

  • Providing support for product line management, multiple variants of a system, working collaboratively in an Integrated Product Teams (IPT).
  • Supporting requirements traceability management tools and processes, hardware and software configuration items and interface tools and processes, and supporting facility status tools and processes and performing gap analysis.
  • Support for IOS System Production Capability, Trainee System Production, providing documentation, supporting Interim Logistical Support.
  • Demonstrated flexibility in designing, developing and configuring a wide range of Human in the Loop (HITL) Computer systems used to train the force.

Likewise, we have performed successfully on myriad Training & Simulation programs across all services as shown in the snapshot below:

Below are some of RAVE Systems® to support Training and Simulation. Click here for more information and contact us.

2U Server

Ideal for and array applications including Image Generators, Battle Master Controller, Processor Nodes and more.

Rave Computer 4U Server

4U Server

Designed for performance and versatility.


Supports a full-size desktop CPU and professional graphics in an ultra-small form factor.


VR/MR Optimized for High-Performance .


US Army
AVCATT – Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer IPDG Upgrade | JPARC – Pacific Alaska Range Complex | JDEWR – Joint Deployable Electronic Warfare Range | ITF –  Integrated Threat Force | CFFT – Call for Fire Trainer | MQ-8B – Trainer/Simulator | JAVELIN BST, Basic Skills Trainer | ARCIC – Army Capabilities Integration Center, BLSCE – Battle Lab Simulation Collaboration Environment | CH-53K CFTD, Containerized Flight Training Device

US Navy
LSOT – Landing Signal Officer Trainer | F/A-18 Refueler | F-18 SAMT – Trainer/Simulator | JPARC – Pacific Alaska Range Complex | JDEWR – Joint Deployable Electronic Warfare Range | MQ-8B – Trainer/Simulator | TPTS, Transit Protection Training System

Air Force

US Air Force
JTC TRS – Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System | DIADS – Digital Integrated Air Defense System | MH-53E – Trainer/Simulator | MH-60 – Trainer/Simulator | CFTD, Containerized Flight Training Device


US Marine Corps
AH-1W – Trainer/Simulator | AV-8B – Trainer/Simulator | CH-53E – Trainer/Simulator, CFTD, Containerized Flight Training Device | MQ-8B – Trainer/Simulator | JAVELIN BST, Basic Skills Trainer | MV-22 CFTD, Containerized Flight Training Device

Air National Guard

Air National Guard
C130 MMCT – Multi-Mission Crew Trainer | JPARC – Pacific Alaska Range Complex | JDEWR – Joint Deployable Electronic Warfare Range | Natl. Guard HH-60 – Trainer/Simulator | AAJTS – Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System

Coast Guard

US Coast Guard
USCG MH-65D – Trainer/Simulator

Army national Guard

Army National Guard
UH-72A SFTS (Synthetic Flight Training Systems)


Foreign Military Systems
EST / IEST – Israeli Defense Forces Engagement Skills Trainer  | Norway FAC/FO – Forward Air Controller/Forward Observer (FAC/FO) Trainer