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Hot News about Virtualization


At I/ITSEC 2017 in early Dec, RAVE showcased a virtualized solution for simulation which highlighted several key features: 1. Multiple users operating a simulation within the same simulation environment from different terminals; 2. Virtualized machines working in concert with a more traditional 1-to-1 compute to output deployment showcasing the ability to smartly integrate virtualization with legacy systems to support your budget and implementation maturity; 3. Virtualized machines run from a local (on-premise) private cloud offering logistics simplicity and maximized processing utilization with consolidated computer processing power.


As your trusted hardware advisor, talk to us about virtualization and solutions for artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, and machine learning, and how they impact your market.  

In case you haven’t met the newest member of our team, Mollie Minsel joined RAVE in November and will be working on the Training and Simulation segment with Tony Miller, we look forward to her being an integral part of our further success.