RAVE delivers intelligent flexibility and expertise to our clients.

We are your trusted advisor and work with you to provide value-added services throughout the development process. In the case of virtualization this includes accelerated hardware support for enabling technologies including Intel’s VT-x and AMD’s AMD-V. There are many benefits to virtualizing your computers. Most importantly, they include:


  • Individual virtual machines can share memory, CPU, GPU – resulting in improved utilization rate.
  • Software image runs on a hypervisor, not bare hardware – software stack is abstracted from hardware.
  • Extend lifetime of software images.
  • Software image remains compatible when moved to new hardware.
  • Software builds survive changes to available operating systems.
  • Extend the life of aging applications.
  • Clients have immediate access to any number of images.


  • Consolidate compute hardware for a smaller footprint – many software loads run on one server concurrently.
  • Eliminate reliance on specific hardware – streamlines tech refreshes.


  • Virtual Machine (vm) – ready servers are available in many form factors and capacities.
  • VMs can be deployed in conjunction with more traditional methods.
  • Based on logistics and performance gains, every server becomes both more versatile and more efficient.

Below is a sampling of RAVE Systems® in this area. Click here for more information and to contact us.


Excellent for many form factors and capabilities.


 Optimize cooling and clean cabling – fully compatible and customizable.


The perfect fit when high performance and maximum reliability are needed.

Rave Computer 13U


Solution for secure IT environments, organize equipment while simplifying access installation and servicing.