RAVE has been partnering with Varjo for over a year now and we have had great results with their headsets. We work with our clients to built solutions  that fit their specific optimization needs. RAVE is a premier Varjo reseller in the United States. 

For years, the resolution of VR devices has been less than what the average human eye can see. Varjo HMDs deliver an unprecedented resolution of 60 pixels per degree –  the equivalent of 20/20 vision. Combine this visual clarity with fully integrated eye-tracking and the resulting capabilities are amazing.

Varjo offers several models of headset that are groundbreaking.  Whether you are looking for high-res VR with eye-tracking or the addition of built-in hand-tracking or full mixed reality capabilities, Varjo has a headset to fit your use case.  

According to Varjo, with their “Bionic Display™, your model, project or simulation comes to life in VR with never-before-seen clarity. Every detail, texture, and contour are all just as clear as they are in the real world. You can read the tiniest text, see objects far off in the distance and more – all in human-eye resolution. Working on complex training and simulation, an architectural or 3D design model, CAD files, or more, everything appears just as it should: clearly.”

Now you are able to create, train and run research with the highest-end professional VR/XR products, like the VR-2, pictured to the right. Visit Varjo’s website and talk to us to learn more, we will work with you to integrate this into your solution.

Varjo’s dream is a new reality – let RAVE take you there.