The latest professional-grade devices deliver twice the performance. With enhanced human-eye resolution, wide field of view, and XR-3 mixed reality depth awareness  plus inside-out tracking for true immersion in enterprise applications.


XR-3/VR-3 Key Features:

  • Industry’s highest resolution in a 115° field of view.
  • The headsets support ultra-high resolution across the full frame, and color accuracy that mirrors the real world.
  • With a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the XR-3 and VR-3 also have the world’s fastest and most accurate eye tracking integrated in XR/VR headsets at up to 200 Hz, giving users optimized visual fidelity through foveated rendering.
  • Improved comfort and usability with 3-point precision fit headband
  • 40% lighter weight, active cooling, and ultra-wide optical design removing eye strain and simulator sickness
  • Complete software compatibility with Unity™, Unreal Engine™, OpenXR 1.0 (in early 2021) and hundreds of industrial 3D engines and applications, including Autodesk VRED™, Lockheed Martin Prepar3d™, VBS BlueIG™ and FlightSafety Vital™


Additional XR-3 Key Features

  • Inside-out tracking enables users to determine the precise position of the XR-3 within the environment. This vastly improves tracking accuracy and removes the need for SteamVR™ base stations
  • The industry’s first depth awareness with LiDAR and stereo RGB video pass-through. XR-3 delivers seamless merging of real and virtual for perfect occlusions and full 3D world reconstruction

Power the Possible

  • Bundled with the RAVE RenderBEAST HMD ,a Varjo-Ready PC – this powerful combination provides everything you need to power the possible!

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Join us on December 3rd at 9:00AM EST when Varjo founder and chief product officer, Urho Konttori and RAVE chief technologist, Karl Rosenberger host a live Q&A on the new XR-3 and VR-3 powered by RAVE RenderBEAST HMD.

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For every RenderBEAST HDM XR/VR Hardware Bundle Featuring New Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 Headsets ordered in the month of December, RAVE will donate $100 to The Camaraderie Foundation. Pre-order your bundle today and support the brave men and women that serve our country.

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