RAVE Computer debuts Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition at I/ITSEC; Has Stock Ready to Ship with Bundle Options


STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., (BUSINESS WIRE)RAVE Computer, the 2021 Varjo Partner/Reseller of the Year, shared that it has the newest headset from Varjo, the XR-3 Focal Edition, in stock and ready to ship.  This new headset was released during I/ITSEC and RAVE had the new headset in their booth F-35 3DoF cockpit demo that was powered by RAVE Computer. 

RAVE’s inaugural XR-3 Focal Edition demo utilized a kneeboard with miniscule writing and cockpit controls.  Varjo’s new XR-3 Focal Edition provides superior visual quality for mixed reality implementations where real-world objects such as cockpits, car dashboards, cell phones, and kneeboards are used. The XR-3 Focal Edition offers the ultimate visual precision for advanced use cases where visualizing small text and illustrations on physical instruments in mixed reality is mission-critical.

“It takes an optimized computer to fully unleash the stunningly detailed features and benefits of Varjo’s XR-3 and XR-3 Focal Edition,” shared Devin Fowler, Systems Engineer, RAVE Computer“It can be tempting to run the HMD off a laptop or COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) machine, but there will be a significant loss of fidelity and performance.  When you’re investing in the best HMD on the market, you really need to optimize the computer that will power it and unleash features.  RAVE’s RenderBEAST is Varjo-approved and plug-n-play with any of Varjo’s HMDs, including the XR-3 Focal Edition.  It’s small form factor, whisper-quiet, and finely tuned in our labs to optimize the most demanding CPU and GPU-intensive demands for a seamless user HMD performance.  In this case, ‘Better Together’ is more than a phrase, it’s reality.  RAVE’s RenderBEAST and Varjo’s XR-3 truly function together to provide the absolute best HMD experience available today.  In fact, bundling these together is so popular we created a dedicated bundle that includes RAVE’s RenderBEAST, Varjo HMD of choice, 2 base stations, tripods, controllers, and keyboard/mouse all packaged together in a custom foam case.” 

The XR-3 Focal Edition is best used for interacting with real instruments, gauges, panels, and meters in mixed-reality scenarios where the trainee is fully immersed in computer-generated content yet needs to interact with the physical world immediately adjacent to the viewer. The headset provides dual high-resolution, 12-megapixel cameras that are calibrated to provide improved image clarity for the range of 30 centimeters to 80 centimeters (12” to 31”) from the headset in comparison to a standard XR-3. Seeing crucial dials and knobs in proper focus with content close to the video sensor requires a closer focusing point. The optimized components in the mixed reality camera system change the distance of the focus so the lens brings a sharper depth of field, closer to the user.

“The use of XR-based devices across the training and simulation segment has grown exponentially over the past year, and we’re pleased to be working with the world’s leading simulation and training companies across both civilian and defense sectors. We heard from our customers the need for more precise visuals at a closer distance, specifically when looking at dashboards, cockpits, and cell phones and we responded with the XR-3 Focal Edition to address the need,” said Seppo Aaltonen, Chief Commercial Officer of Varjo.

Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition is fully TAA compliant. Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance is becoming an ever-increasing requirement enabling HMD-based solutions to be used for secure and classified operations. Sold with a perpetual, offline license that enables operations in non-internet connected environments that does not require users to create accounts, the XR-3 Focal Edition can support the most demanding security needed for the United States Department of Defense, intelligence, and security-critical infrastructure customers. Furthermore, for customers looking for the highest level of security, the XR-3 Focal Edition can be delivered with radio frequency capability removed as required to operate in some classified environments. Once purchased, users will have access to continuous software improvements over time. Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition is fully software compatible and supports all the same features of the Varjo XR-3.

RAVE Computer exists to solve challenges through optimized, purpose-built compute.  Contact RAVE to discuss your immersive needs, discuss Better Together Bundle options, visit the RenderBEAST Zone to demonstrate the technology firsthand, or reach out with a use case for collaboration and optimization. 

About RAVE Computer

For over 30 years, RAVE Computer has helped people overcome challenges through innovation, specializing in the design, optimization, and integration of purpose built compute solutions.  The company’s deep relationships with technology OEMs such as Varjo, NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD give it priority access to the most cutting-edge technology allowing extraordinary support for client solution life-cycle management. RAVE Computer’s engineers and account teams strive to serve as trusted advisors and an extension of each client’s team and vision by understanding and creating optimized solutions. RAVE is a woman-owned small business. To learn more about our products and to reach out with a use case for collaboration and optimization, contact RAVE Computer at info@rave.com or call (800) 966-7283. Stay connected to RAVE Computer’s latest news, views and announcements by visiting http://www.rave.com/ and following RAVE Computer on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rave-computer


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