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4U Rackmount Computers

Customized Ruggedized Rackmount Computers

For decades, RAVE has focused on offering quality, reliable rackmount computers and maintaining great relationships with our customers – Providing expert support, competitive prices and a superior purchasing experience.
Providing industry-leading performance, energy efficiency, scalability, value, and support, RAVE Computer provides perfect solutions for a wide range of rackmount servers. Used by many small businesses as well as many of the world’s biggest companies, RAVE offers a wide variety of form factors and features, making it perfect as a building block of a modern, fault-tolerant, and scalable data center. When it comes to immersive, desktops, portable workstations, ruggedized,  integration, or rackmount,  make RAVE your first choice in computer hardware and integration.

Hardware Options

  • The newest CPU designs from Intel and AMD
  • CPU core counts as high as 64 with 128 threads
  • System memory up to 1.5 TB
  • GPU options from NVIDIA and AMD
  • Air and liquid cooled options available
  • Compatibility and power to spare for all advanced HMD’s
  • Whisper quiet low decibel running even under full load

Rackmount Computers

Below is a sample of the types of solutions that RAVE delivers. Please call us to for additional product options.

RAVE's XLR Photogrammetry Server Designed to Optimize Bentley Context Capture software and Other Intense Rendering Workloads

RenderBEAST XLR (Rackmount)

Introducing the RenderBEAST XLR Designed for high-performance photogrammetry use, the RenderBEAST XLR is a specialized powerhouse rackmount designed to meet the rigorous demands of photogrammetry

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3U Rackmount

3U Rackmount Server RAVE’s custom server configurations utilize NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s and Intel Processors.  Contact RAVE today to build the custom 3U server needed

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2U Rackmount

2U Rackmount Server RAVE proudly supports a variety of custom configurations utilizing NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.  Call today for your custom configuration powered by RAVE.

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