Warranty Information

Problems with finished systems are rare. However,  when they occur, RAVE stands behind our manufactured products (“RAVE Products”) in accordance with RAVE’s Limited Warranty. The RAVE warranty  provides a three-year parts and labor warranty and lifetime technical support that is subject to certain exclusions and exceptions.  Please refer to the full text of the Limited Warranty Statement for complete details regarding coverage.

RAVE Products that are no longer covered by the Limited Warranty will be evaluated by RAVE for the best possible solution.  Customers receive a quote for the proposed solution, which is subject to the customer’s review and approval.  Following customer approval, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with the solution as quoted, including without limitation, all shipping costs to and from RAVE’s facility.

RAVE may offer optional extended warranty options at the time of Product purchase.  Contact your sales representative for details regarding availability of and pricing for an extended warranty.

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