Warranty Information

Computer Hardware Warranty

Problems with finished systems are rare. But when they occur you need to get answers fast. RAVE® quickly and efficiently provides direct support to your technicians as well as your customers.

New Systems
New systems manufactured by RAVE Computer Association, Inc. include a three-year parts and labor warranty along with lifetime technical phone support unless otherwise noted. Systems or peripherals supplied by a RAVE’s OEM partners and sold by RAVE will follow the manufacturer’s warranty terms. All warranties start from the day of original equipment shipment.

RMA Process
RAVE has an outstanding RMA process. This includes hands on tracking from the time of the first call all the way through notification of the repair completion plus shipping information. RAVE will also supply your company with quality reporting that includes repair documentation outlining corrective actions.

Warranty systems that are returned for repair will be fully diagnosed to find the problem, repaired, tested for a minimum of 24 hours or to your specifications.

The customer is responsible for all incoming freight costs associated with shipping products to RAVE Computer, in Sterling Heights Michigan, for repair and/or replacement. Upon completion of repairs, RAVE is responsible for all return costs associated with shipping products back to customers (FedEx Ground only).  Any overnight and/or air freight service will be paid by the customer (providing shipping destinations lie within the Continental United States). RAVE will not directly cover costs associated with shipments to destinations outside of the Continental United States.

Out of warranty Systems and components
Out of warranty Systems and components will be evaluated for the best possible solution. Your company will receive a quote for your review and approval to proceed. Upon receipt of a Purchase Order the equipment will be repaired or replaced and fully tested. The repaired component and/or system will have a 90 day warranty.

Extended Warranty
At your option you can purchase an additional one year warranty. The cost of the additional warranty is 10% of the original purchase cost.

In the event that systems and or parts are returned to RAVE damaged due to improper installation, packaging, or suspected abuse; RAVE reserves the right to charge for the repair and or replacement at current market costs.

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