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RAVE Computer consults with our clients to solve challenges pertaining to product selection, lifecycle management, performance, size, weight, power, acoustics, thermals and COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) ruggedization. We provide COTS and custom-engineered solutions optimized to meet specific customer requirements.

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RAVE Computer showcases new Varjo XR-4 headset at I/ITSEC 2023

RAVE Computer showcases new Varjo XR-4 headset in stunning new collaborative demo at I/ITSEC, the World’s Largest Modeling, Simulation and Training Event

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Five Reasons You Need a Professional RenderBEAST Workstation

Five Reasons You Need A RenderBEAST Workstation

Power Meets Portability with Our High-Performance RenderBEAST Workstation Whether you need a device that can handle graphically intense architectural modeling or can power through military-grade …

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RAVE's XLR Photogrammetry Server Designed to Optimize Bentley Context Capture software and Other Intense Rendering Workloads

RenderBEAST XLR (Rackmount)

Introducing the RenderBEAST XLR Designed for high-performance photogrammetry use, the RenderBEAST XLR is a specialized powerhouse rackmount designed to meet the rigorous demands of photogrammetry …

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Defense And Government
Defense and Government

Defense and Government Technology Solutions There’s no room for error in mission-critical deployments. RAVE has been supporting our warfighters with military-grade COTS and MIL-STD COTS …

Immersive Solutions
Immersive Solutions

Immersive Solutions: VR, AR, XR Immersive technology is transforming how businesses operate and how consumers see the world. It takes virtual production to new heights. …

Training and Simulation
Training and Simulation

Military Battle Simulation Training with RAVE and Varjo Technology How is it possible for troops in disparate regions and missions to participate in training exercises …

Embedded OEM and ISV
Embedded OEM and ISV

Embedded OEM and ISV Solutions Companies that manufacture scanners (of luggage and humans), trainers and simulators, communications devices, digital signs, ion implanters, devices used for …

Product Design and Engineering
Design, Engineering and Simulation

Design, Engineering, and Simulation Industry Solutions The world’s leading organizations all have one thing in common: they analyze the data at their disposal to make …

Virtual Production
Virtual Production

And let RAVE help bring your story to life. Virtual Production Computer Hardware Solutions Every media and entertainment professional needs their audience to suspend disbelief …

Our Partners in Innovation

Our customers—and those we partner with to build their solutions—are collectively meeting today’s biggest challenges in computing and next-gen capabilities. In forging high-level partnerships with the best technology OEMs, we can offer unmatched value to our customers through clear roadmaps, tailored solutions, support, and cutting-edge technologies for the future of their businesses.


Imagination is exciting. But implementation demands experience. For more than 30 years, we’ve specialized in creating and integrating purpose-built computer hardware, and our deep relationships with technology OEMs give us early access to the most cutting-edge technology components. We know one size does not fit all, and we deliver tailored solutions to fit every need. From specialty niche projects to massive enterprise programs, and defense deployments requiring off-the-shelf or custom engineered hardware, we deliver the solutions that support our clients’ objectives.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to government agencies and global brands, helping to shape requirements on the front end to save costs and issues over the entire solution lifecycle. Whether you are a small boutique firm, a global brand, or somewhere in the middle, you are the perfect size to find a solution with us. Our team is ready to expertly guide you through product selection, life-cycle management, COTS ruggedization, and decisions in building a balanced system that considers performance, size, weight, power, acoustics, and thermals.

Whether your program needs an off-the-shelf product or a custom-engineered solution optimized to meet your requirements, RAVE is the partner who can help you bring it to life.

Companies we Innovate With

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