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There’s no room for error in mission-critical deployments.

RAVE has been supporting our warfighters with military-grade COTS and MIL-STD COTS computer hardware solutions for over 30 years. Encompassing the Federal Intelligence and Defense sector—from engineering systems to front-line reconnaissance and storage servers, we stand ready to support your efforts.  We would appreciate the opportunity to become your trusted advisor and are fully equipped to build a custom hardware solution to fit your needs. We have extensive experience in program and supply chain management.

Designed for performance

RAVE provides Defense and C4ISR products that support manned and unmanned aircraft and ship programs. These include the following programs and more – Reconnaissance and surveillance aircrafts, and Mine Countermeasures ships. Importantly, we consistently provide quality products and services guaranteed to be rigorously tested prior to delivery. And this ensures hardware reliability and hardware/software compatibility.

From engineering systems to front-line reconnaissance and storage servers, RAVE will support you through customized COTS, Modified COTS, MIL-STD servers and storage—meeting size, weight and power requirements.

Built rugged

RAVE offers an array of rugged computing solutions that provide state-of-the art performance with unprecedented mobility and durability. We provide stand-alone rugged computing solutions, integrated ruggedized mobile racks, or configurations with one, two or three integrated displays as well as integrated peripherals. Our systems support a wide range of components and technologies, including applications that require high clock-speeds for single-threaded workloads or massive amounts of CPU / GPU cores for parallel computations.

Our rugged portable solutions support many of the same high-end components and configurations as our award-winning rackmount servers and workstations do. But these are in a rugged portable form factor that allows you to be up and running just seconds after you arrive on-site. RAVE will create a highly optimized hardware configuration that is tailored to your application.

Our process

Initially, our team functions as a technology consultant. Then secondly as a manufacturer, focused on creating complete system solutions, so our consultative process begins when RAVE’s team of product engineers thoroughly explore individual challenges. We also work with customers to identify the best balanced solution which includes factors such as technical capabilities, lifecycle, form factor and environment.

We build computers specifically based on client requirements. Reducing costs by using commercially available components that are configured with optimal performance is always top of mind. We manufacture custom components only when a COTS solution is not available, or when it makes most sense in the context of our customer’s vision.

We are confident that the Intelligence Community (IC) will be able to leverage our technical expertise, strategic partnerships, and C4ISR experience to deliver mission critical enabling computer technology.

Related Products

Below is a sample of the types of solutions that RAVE delivers. Please call us to for additional product options.

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Five Reasons You Need A RenderBEAST Workstation

Power Meets Portability with Our High-Performance RenderBEAST Workstation Whether you need a device that can handle graphically intense architectural modeling or can power through military-grade training and simulations, the RenderBEAST™ has the power you need to get the job done. Our ruggedized, high-performance workstation outlasts the competition and is compact enough to take anywhere. Not

RAVE's XLR Photogrammetry Server Designed to Optimize Bentley Context Capture software and Other Intense Rendering Workloads

RenderBEAST XLR (Rackmount)

Introducing the RenderBEAST XLR Designed for high-performance photogrammetry use, the RenderBEAST XLR is a specialized powerhouse rackmount designed to meet the rigorous demands of photogrammetry and 3D modeling by optimizing multi-node near real-time rendering and single-engine photogrammetry workloads. Purpose-Built for Excellence RenderBEAST XLR configurations range from single CPU/GPU up to 7 GPUs in a single

RAVE's RenderBEAST PC is small form factor, whisper quiet, custom compute for your most powerful rendering needs.

RenderBEAST Unleashed: The Powerhouse of Extended Reality Experiences

Roughly the size of a shoebox and the price of a high-end laptop, the RenderBEAST™ portable workstation delivers unparalleled power, durability, speed and stealth for world-class extended reality and designer experiences. RAVE Computer rigorously tested and optimized the RenderBEAST PC to outperform and outlast the competition while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.


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