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Varjo Headset Bundles with RAVE Computer Workstations

Moving your work into a true-to-life immersive environment can help save time, money and effort along the way. Read how RAVE and Varjo transform workflows across industries with the most advanced virtual and mixed reality for professionals.

RAVE demos XR experiences at MDEX 2022

That’s a wrap! Special thanks to National Defense Industrial Association – (NDIA) Michigan for hosting #MDEX2022 and to everyone that stopped by our booth for a conversation or demo of RAVE + Varjo immersive capabilities. If you missed out and would like a personal demo or more info on how our RenderBEAST bundle can power your custom immersive solution, contact RAVE today!

RAVE Computer Receives Varjo Reseller of the Year 2021 – North America Award

Varjo Partner of the year
PRESS RELEASE – RAVE Computer today announced it has received the Reseller of the Year 2021 – North America award from Varjo Technologies. Varjo, the industry leader in virtual and mixed reality hardware, awarded formal recognition to their top Value Added Resellers at the 2021 Varjo VAR Global Summit in January 2022. Varjo’s global network of 40 commercial partners spans North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East with RAVE winning the top honor in the North American region.
“RAVE Computer is an ideal partner, as they not only have strong technical skills, industry relationships and business acumen––but also share a similar set of cultural values,” said Tristan Cotter, GM, North America, Varjo Technology. “RAVE feels like an extension of our team at Varjo, and it’s exciting to see the investments they’ve made in immersive technology paying off.”

RAVE’s Varjo-Ready RenderBEAST Compute

RAVE’s deep relationships with technology companies such as Varjo give us priority access to the most cutting-edge technology, allowing extraordinary support for client solution life-cycle management. Our Varjo-ready RenderBEAST boasts whisper-quiet performance and a compact form factor that lets customers extract maximum value from the portable workstation to deliver a world-class, professional-grade immersive experience.

As an Elite Varjo-Ready PC Partner, RAVE Computer offers exclusive plug-and-play hardware bundles including Varjo HMD, RenderBEAST compute, monitor, keyboard/mouse, and lighthouses all packed into a Pelican case with custom foam. To learn more about custom RAVE bundles, or to schedule a demonstration and discuss how RAVE can help create a solution to power your vision, contact RAVE Computer at info@rave.com, call (800) 966-7283, or fill out the Contact Us form below.


Varjo HMD Products

Varjo XR3

Varjo XR3

Varjo VR3

Varjo VR3

Varjp Aero

Varjo Aero

RAVE Immersive Solutions

Defense And Government

Defense and Government

RAVE has been supporting our warfighters with military-grade COTS and MIL-STD COTS computer hardware solutions for over 30 years. Encompassing the Federal Intelligence and Defense sector—from engineering systems to immersive training simulators, to front-line reconnaissance and storage servers, we stand ready to support your efforts.  We would appreciate the opportunity to become your trusted advisor and are fully equipped to build a custom hardware solution to fit your needs. We have extensive experience in program and supply chain management.

Training and Simulation

Training and Simulation

How is it possible for troops in disparate regions and missions to participate in training exercises together in real-time–wherever they happen to be? Advances in simulation technology allow the military to deploy virtual training at the point of need––whether they’re in a training simulator, on a base, or in the field during a mission––maintaining readiness and keeping troops safe.

Design, Engineering and Simulation

The world’s leading organizations all have one thing in common: they analyze the data at their disposal to make informed decisions. In the world of product design and engineering, the ability to visualize and create true-to-life designs is a must, and quick access to modeling and simulation data provides a competitive advantage in product development.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production

For more than 30 years, we’ve been specializing not only in the science of creating computer hardware, but in the art of ensuring successful integration and optimization based on what our clients are trying to achieve. With major film studios among our client base, we understand how and why environmental conditions affect computer performance and how to mitigate those issues with innovative solutions. Because when you’re creating an alternate reality, the smallest flaw can shatter the illusion. And when details matter that much, there’s no room for compromise.


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