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RAVE Computer consults with our clients to solve challenges pertaining to product selection, lifecycle management, performance, size, weight, power, acoustics, thermals and COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) ruggedization. We provide COTS and custom-engineered solutions optimized to meet specific customer requirements.

Tech Tidbits

RAVE's RenderBEAST PC is small form factor, whisper quiet, custom compute for your most powerful rendering needs.

RenderBEAST Unleashed: The Powerhouse of Extended Reality Experiences

Roughly the size of a shoebox and the price of a high-end laptop, the RenderBEAST™ portable workstation delivers unparalleled power, durability, speed and stealth for world-class extended reality and designer experiences. RAVE Computer rigorously tested and optimized the RenderBEAST PC to outperform and outlast the competition while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.

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Tech Tidbit

Q&A: Who Needs to Upgrade to the NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU

As trusted compute advisors, we must be able to confidently confirm, “Yes, you should upgrade to the NVIDIA RTX 6000 based on your use case.”

Before we can confirm this, there are important questions to address: Are the workload improvements of the RTX 6000 compelling enough to justify the cost? Who would benefit the most from upgrading to RTX 6000 versus staying with the RTX A6000? What are the use cases where the RTX 6000 shines the most?

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Tech Tidbit | DDR4 vs DDR5

With the pricing and availability improving on DDR5, many are wondering how to quantify the benefits when determining the next upgrade path. If you compare the specifications of the two standards, the enhancements are quite significant: 50% increase in bandwidth, higher efficiency via improved power and channel architecture, longer burst length, and support for higher capacity modules. However, leveraging these advancements to improve system performance is highly application-dependent.

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