RAVE created the RenderBEAST™ as a no-compromises workstation PC to meet the demands of high-performance computing, AI and deep learning, professional design, rendering, modeling, simulation or VR-enhanced training – all packaged in desktop and portable solutions.

RAVE’s RenderBEAST: A Ruggedized, High-Performance Computer

RAVE is the leading innovator of high-performance workstation PC’s, VR hardware, rendering systems, and servers purpose-built for engineering, product design, architecture, media & entertainment, data science, training & simulation, and more. We are proud to have the highest level partnerships with an expansive list of component and HMD manufacturers including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, PNY, Varjo, and HTC.

Remove bottlenecks, accelerate workflows, and experience unparalleled performance you can’t get from other computer workstation PC manufacturers. For more examples of our work see our immersive hardware solutions page.


Roughly the size of a shoebox and the price of a high-end laptop, the RenderBEAST™ portable workstation delivers unparalleled power, durability, speed and stealth for world-class Extended Reality (XR) experiences. RAVE Computer rigorously tested and optimized the RenderBEAST PC to outperform and outlast the competition while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. 

 Whether you’re in AI, simulation, training, design, or just need maximum power from your CPU and GPU, the RenderBEAST PC is your ultimate solution.

Hardware Options

  • The newest CPU designs from Intel and AMD
  • CPU core counts as high as 64 with 128 threads
  • System memory up to 1.5 TB
  • Single and multi-GPU options from NVIDIA and AMD
  • Air and liquid cooled options available
  • Compatibility and power to spare for all advanced HMD’s
  • Whisper quiet low decibel running even under full load

RAVE’s Varjo-Ready RenderBEAST™ Compute

RAVE’s deep relationships with technology companies such as Varjo give us priority access to the most cutting-edge technology, allowing extraordinary support for client solution life-cycle management. Our Varjo-ready RenderBEAST™ boasts whisper-quiet performance and a compact form factor that lets customers extract maximum value from the portable workstation to deliver a world-class, professional-grade immersive experience.

As an Elite Varjo-Ready PC Partner, RAVE Computer offers exclusive plug-and-play hardware bundles including Varjo HMD, RenderBEAST™ compute, monitor, keyboard/mouse, and lighthouses all packed into a Pelican case with custom foam. To learn more about custom RAVE bundles, or to schedule a demonstration and discuss how RAVE can help create a solution to power your vision, contact RAVE Computer at, call (800) 966-7283, or fill out the Contact Us form below.

RAVE's RenderBEAST PC is small form factor, whisper quiet, custom compute for your most powerful rendering needs.

“RAVE Computer’s RenderBEAST harnesses and optimizes the power of NVIDIA RTX GPUs for maximum performance,” said Lisa Bell-Cabrera, Director of Business Development XR, at NVIDIA. “As an NVIDIA Elite Visualization Partner, RAVE can provide turnkey immersive hardware solutions, which is a key advantage that we’re proud to support.”

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