RAVE Computer RenderBEAST X2 workstation
RAVE RenderBEAST X2 Dual Ada GPU workstation for design, engineering, AI

Introducing the new-RenderBEAST® X2 workstation, the latest in RAVE’s RenderBEAST series of GPU-intensive computers.  Designed to meet the heavy-rendering demands of today’s immersive, AI, and design computing landscapes, the RenderBEAST X2 dual GPU workstation sets a new standard in performance and reliability. 

RAVE’s RenderBEAST series is designed to be customized and adapted to customer specifications. Boasting compact form factors and whisper-quiet performance, they have been rigorously tuned to support power draw, acoustic output, and thermal performance targets to ensure customers have a balanced system that can run in boost mode for extended periods. This balanced approach delivers highly efficient workflows, allowing maximum compute power that delivers professional AR/VR/XR experiences.

“Our single-GPU RenderBEAST has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers,” shared Matt Moy, Sr. Systems Engineer for RAVE Computer. “As the NVIDIA Omniverse development platform sets new standards with ray tracing in XR and multi-GPU support, RAVE aimed to maintain the compact size, quiet operation, and superior performance of the original RenderBEAST in multi-GPU configurations. The performance data we’ll share at GTC demonstrates that we’ve achieved an exceptionally efficient and balanced configuration, pushing the boundaries in both raw performance and cost-effectiveness.”

RAVE featured the RenderBEAST X2 in Booth #1641 for live demos in the XR pavilion of the NVIDIA GTC exhibit hall, and Moy discussed features of the RenderBEAST X2 on the XR stage live during the GTC conference to a full crowd with standing room only available.  Both RAVE’s demo and stage presentation featured how to implement real-time ray tracing in mixed reality, with the RenderBEAST X2 powering OpenUSD and NVIDIA RTX-based scenes from NVIDIA Omniverse™, maximized by Varjo’s latest XR-4 Series headset for a true photorealistic immersive experience.  Moy’s in-person session also provided practical advice and strategies for initiating XR projects using Omniverse and the Varjo XR-4 headset powered by the RenderBEAST X2.

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