RENDERBEAST – Improve your product design and development time.

The RENDERBEAST is a high-performance workstation, the perfect balance of CPU and GPU capacity for content development, simulation, rendering or any application that demands multi-processor capabilities. With the power of the RENDERBEAST on your desk, you no longer need to wait hours in render server cues to find early design issues, the power needed to gain efficiency is at your fingertips.

It’s the perfect high-end workstation for applications such as: Unity®, Sketchup®, Unreal Engine®, Arnold®, Autodesk® 3D Studio Max, Adobe Creative Cloud®, CINEMA 4D®, Maya®, Octane Render®, V-Ray®, Ansys®, MODO®, Iray® Server, and DaVinci Resolve®.

NVIDIA Elite Partner

There are many ways to customize your RENDERBEAST to tackle your rendering, simulation, design or development goals!

Base System

Our Base Engineering Workstation

A balance of CPU and GPU capacity for content development. Perfect for development in Unity®, Unreal Engine®, Adobe Creative Cloud®, Solidworks©, AutoCAD© and more!

Creation Station

Built for Extreme Content Creation

Make the most of Sketchup®, Alias® or Maya®. Accomplish movie creation in After Effects® and Cinema 4D®. RENDERBEAST gives you the power to crush your productivity goals.

CPU Rendering

Optimized for CPU Rendering Apps

Are you running VRED in a cave environment, or need some massive CPU-based rendering ability? The RENDERBEAST accommodates two powerful 22-core Intel® Xeon® processors.

GPU Compute

Optimized for Tesla/Cuda Apps

Are you an Ansys® power-user, or do you crunch massive data sets and simulations? You need RENDERBEAST! With up to 4 NVIDIA Quadro® GP100 GPUs it tackles any workload.

IRAY Server

Pre-loaded with NVIDIA IRAY Server

Configured for use with NVIDIA® Iray®, this RENDERBEAST can support one rendering station with real-time high-resolution rendering and 5 additional machines as an offline renderer.

VR Series

Quadro SLI Bridge Delivers Superior VR

Top rendering and visualization companies are turning to the RENDERBEAST VR as a platform to deploy true 90 frame-per-second experiences through both the Oculus Rift® and HTC Vive®.



  • Available CPU’s: Up to two Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 22 cores each.
  • Available GPU’s: Your choice of GPU’s including the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® Series


RAVE does more than build workstations, servers and clusters. We specialize in providing best of class hardware to improve your production workflows. Our workstations and computers provide cool, quiet, blazing-fast solutions tailored to meet your specific workflow needs. Our expert sales consultants, engineers, and technical support not only know everything about RAVE hardware, they also have professional and personal relationships with the companies you get your software from the following companies: Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Adobe, Unity, Optis, Ansys, Octane Render, and many more. We pride ourselves on providing clients powerful systems that are optimized to run their production workflows.

RAVE partners with the top rendering and simulation software companies to provide the exact computer hardware that you need to improve your quality and deliverable times. In this partnership, we research, benchmark and optimize the systems ensuring quality and performance.