Introducing the RenderBEAST X2: Dual GPU Workstation

Debuted at NVIDIA’s GTC Conference this March, the RenderBEAST® X2 is RAVE’s first workstation optimized to experience the NVIDIA Omniverse™ computing platform. The RenderBEAST X2 workstation features dual NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, making it powerful enough to run Omniverse 3D design tools in extended reality with real-time ray tracing.  

In celebration of the debut of the RenderBEAST X2 at GTC, RAVE is offering a special introductory savings of $3,000 off the cost of this powerhouse workstation for a limited time.   

Image: NVIDIA Omniverse asset, captured with Varjo XR-4 powered by RAVE RenderBEAST X2

Not only did RAVE provide user demonstrations in our XR Zone Booth, but Systems Engineer, Matt Moy also presented on stage in the XR Pavilion on Tuesday during the GTC conference. His presentation, “Ray Tracing in XR - Do You Have What It Takes?” dug into the careful balance of hardware, software, and dataset priorities to consider when building a realistic immersive XR experience. After Matt’s presentation, guests could personally experience the demo at RAVE’s Booth #1641 in the XR Pavilion of the Exhibit Hall. 

RAVE’s second booth demo highlighted the power of immersive training with our signature Training-in-a-Box bundle, a.k.a. the ‘Better Together’ bundle. Using the power of the RAVE RenderBEAST bundle with RTX 6000 ADA GPU and Varjo XR-4, users got an unprecedented view into the inner workings of a full-scale turbine engine with the ability to move individual parts, selectively apply an x-ray view, and use a cross-section tool.

Choose Your RenderBEAST

RAVE's RenderBEAST Series of GPU-optimized workstations bring power to heavy rendering workloads, including design and engineering, XR and immersive training and simulation, AI and photogrammetry programs. 

“RAVE's single-GPU RenderBEAST has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers,” shared Matt.  “As NVIDIA Omniverse sets new standards with ray tracing in XR and multi-GPU support, RAVE aimed to maintain the compact size, quiet operation, and superior performance of the original RenderBEAST in multi-GPU configurations. The performance data we’ll share at GTC demonstrates that we've achieved an exceptionally efficient and balanced configuration, pushing the boundaries in both raw performance and cost-effectiveness."

“As NVIDIA Omniverse sets new standards with ray tracing in XR and multiGPU support, RAVE aims to maintain the compact size, quiet operation, and superior performance of the original RenderBEAST in multiGPU configurations.”

 Whether you need high-powered compute for designing architectural innovations or for administering specialized military simulations, the RenderBEAST offers a solution.  For the ulimate XR experience, RAVE offers exclusive immersive bundles that can be customized based on your use case.  RAVE's "Better Together" bundle package includes: 

  • The original “shoebox” RenderBEAST workstation with NVIDIA RTX Ada 6000 GPU
  • Varjo XR-4 Series headset
  • Base stations (if applicable)
  • Controllers
  • Tripods
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Everything strategically fitted in a custom foam single-person-lift wheeled Pelican case with a telescoping handle.  Compute and headset customizations available. 

Elite Partnerships
RAVE Computer respects the deep relationships with industry leaders to not only navigate supply chain demand, but also to provide early access to the hottest and best technologies from our key vendors. The RAVE team works diligently to serve as an extension of each client and pursue optimized and innovative compute solutions customized to individual use cases. .

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