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Hear from Urho Konttori, co-founder and chief product officer at Varjo, and Karl Rosenberger, chief technologist at RAVE Computer, to learn how Varjo’s new XR-3 and VR-3 headsets and RAVE’s RenderBEAST HMD VR/XR compute are delivering the next generation of immersive technology to support training and simulation, product design and engineering, and virtual production.

RAVE Computer and Nvidia get you up to speed on how the new generation of GPUs can continue to revolutionize simulation. You will be introduced to NVIDIA’s new Ampere series products, capabilities and roadmaps. Hear a discussion about best practices on how, when and where you can best adopt them. This virtual panel is Part 1 of a series where we will discuss how you can optimize, select, integrate and deploy the most effective technology into your training and simulation programs. Panelists: Jim Skurka, Independent Consultant on Defense Department Training Simulation Systems, Doug Traill, Director of Pro Viz Solutions Architects at NVIDIA, Tim Woodward, Sr. Solution Architect of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA, Karl Rosenberger, Chief Technologist at RAVE Computer, and Matthew Moy, Product Development Engineer at RAVE Computer.

RAVE Computer is a proud sponsor of vIITSEC––bringing you the latest in innovative technologies designed to power your training and simulation programs. We’re planning an exciting agenda for vIITSEC. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest information and programming details! #IITSEC #RAVEComputer #trainingandsimulation

NVIDIA’s Ampere redefines the future of filmmaking. (And yes, it’s affordable.) RAVE is proud to share that we have officially partnered with 209 DIGITAL to deliver “The RAVE Review,” where our chief technologist, Karl Rosenberger, shares his thoughts and insight … Imagination is exciting. But implementation demands experience. For more than 30 years, we’ve specialized in creating and integrating …

NVIDIA’s Ampere redefines the future of filmmaking. (And yes, it’s affordable.) Read More »

RAVE Computer announces RenderBEAST HMD XR/VR hardware bundle featuring new Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 headsets STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RAVE Computer, a computer hardware manufacturer that delivers optimized purpose built compute, announces the launch of its RenderBEAST™ HMD XR/VR bundle during vIITSEC, the world’s largest training and simulation event. The bundle includes RAVE’s RenderBEAST HMD, featuring …

RAVE Computer announces RenderBEAST HMD XR/VR hardware bundle featuring new Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 headsets Read More »

Virtual Panel by RAVE Computer at SIGGRAPH 2020 Every innovation starts with a spark. A moment of brilliance that set the stage for our imaginations to run wild. To design. Invent. Create. Advance. Immersive technologies hold the power to bring that spark to life. But the path to innovation is fraught with deadlines, details, budgets, and blunders. Simply choosing the wrong headset model can derail the success of an entire immersive program. RAVE has discovered common patterns in immersive tech failures across industries and programs. We’ve also identified fundamental tenets that enable success. This virtual panel, that took place at SIGGRAPH 2020, aims to bring together industry peers in a highly collaborative thought leadership forum that openly and honestly discusses their unique paths to innovation through immersive technology, and the common pitfalls and failures that prevent organizations from realizing the technology’s fullest potential. The goal is to leverage the insight of our panelists to help other innovation leaders as they begin their journeys to a building sustainable–and successful immersive programs. Programs that not only help us imagine the possible–but learn how make those possibilities a reality. Our Panelists • Ryan Oberholzer, VR/AR Developer and Component Prototyping Engineer, Ford Motor Company • John O’Neill, Sales and Solutions Engineer, Varjo Technologies • Tom Armbruster, Chief Strategy Officer, 209 GROUP • Karl Rosenberger, Director of Product Development, RAVE Computer • Rick Champagne, Global Industry Strategy and Marketing, Media and Entertainment, NVIDIA • Mona Ketterl, Technologist and Founder of CRAFT

In this #AskRAVE video series, Immersive Solutions for Commercial Markets, we provide a thoughtful review of what immersive means for the industry as a whole and other subsets such as training and simulation, and design and manufacturing.

Speaker: Karl Rosenberger, Chief Technologist at RAVE Computer

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