Jim has been with RAVE since the very beginning and has a ton of institutional knowledge at his fingertips. With over 31 years of experience he has seen the evolution of the computer industry, from mainframes, to PCs to RAVE’s purpose-built machines.

Known for his superior ability to remember all types of computer systems, troubleshoot and diagnose incompatibilities; Mark Witulski is RAVE’s manufacturing director building high-quality systems and never sacrificing quality of work to take the easy route.

From dog lover to electronic circuit and software program designer, Karl Rosenberger with 30 years of computer industry experience is known for figuring out the cause and solution to technical issues that escape the other guy. He gets to the root of a client’s need by designing RAVE optimized computers for nearly any task and tackling thermal issues, acoustics/noise, unique form factor needs and other problems customers face on a daily basis.

The newest member of RAVE’s leadership team, Jim Powers joined as Director of Information and Professional Services and Chief Information Security Officer in September of 2021. Jim brings with him over 20 years of experience across IT, including data center design and buildout, systems design and integration, software design and development, cyber security, and digital transformation in the cloud. Prior to coming to RAVE, Jim served as Chief Operations Officer for a Michigan based managed security services provider and Senior Security Consultant for one of the first and largest cloud service providers in the industry. He looks forward to using his varied experiences to help RAVE’s customers continue to innovate with, and grow their capabilities using, RAVE’s purpose-built compute.

Rick was a pioneer in the computer hardware integration industry Co-founding his first company in 1977.

As the President/CEO, Rick Co-founded RAVE Computer Association in 1988. RAVE Computer specializes in purpose- built, high-performance Computing. It has been a Defense contractor since 1992. Mr. Darter currently helps lead the strategic direction of the company as its Co-founder and CEO.

Stacey joined the RAVE team in 2018 and brings over 15 years of experience in strategy development and execution across all organizational areas yielding enhanced profit margins, process efficiencies, company growth and market expansion. Prior to RAVE, Stacey was an owner and member of the executive leadership team for a privately held Information Security services firm in the Metro Detroit area. She looks forward to share her experience and understanding of IT services and Cybersecurity to support RAVE’s future growth.

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