Introducing the RenderBEAST XLR Designed for high-performance photogrammetry use, the RenderBEAST XLR is a specialized powerhouse rackmount designed to meet the rigorous demands of photogrammetry and 3D modeling by optimizing multi-node near real-time rendering and single-engine photogrammetry workloads. Purpose-Built for Excellence RenderBEAST XLR configurations range from single CPU/GPU up to 7 GPUs in a single …

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3U Rackmount Server RAVE’s custom server configurations utilize NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s and Intel Processors.  Contact RAVE today to build the custom 3U server needed to power your business. 

2U Rackmount Server RAVE proudly supports a variety of custom configurations utilizing NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.  Call today for your custom configuration powered by RAVE.

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