Roughly the size of a shoebox and the price of a high-end laptop, the RenderBEAST™ portable workstation delivers unparalleled power, durability, speed and stealth for world-class extended reality and designer experiences. RAVE Computer rigorously tested and optimized the RenderBEAST PC to outperform and outlast the competition while maintaining a compact and lightweight design.

RAVE created the RenderBEAST™ as a no-compromises workstation PC to meet the demands of high-performance computing, AI and deep learning, professional design, rendering, modeling, simulation or VR-enhanced training – all packaged in desktop and portable solutions. RAVE’s RenderBEAST: A Ruggedized, High-Performance Computer RAVE is the leading innovator of high-performance workstation PC’s, VR hardware, rendering systems, …

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