The world’s leading organizations all have one thing in common: they analyze the data at their disposal to create actionable information.

They know this gives them an advantage over their competitors and High Performance Computing allows them to provide the most relevant products and services to their customers.

Every day, our clients leverage our ability to deliver systems tailored to their unique application workload. Nowhere is this attention to detail more valuable than in the realm of high performance computing. Here the smallest detail can have an enormous effect on overall performance. We can do this because we combine the expertise of our seasoned engineers with the best technology partners in the industry.

Certainly, this is particularly relevant in light of the current converging of the High Performance Computing (HPC) and AI communities. Today’s biggest breakthroughs are coming from non-traditional approaches to data science which increasingly go beyond the power of the CPU alone. This is done to leverage the massively parallel architecture of general purpose GPUs, and the highly efficient performance of custom ASICs and FPGAs.

Below is a sampling of RAVE Systems® in this area. Click here for more information and contact us.

Rack 1

12U Integrated Rack

Flexible and powerful, customized to meet customer requirements.

Rack 2

13U Integrated Rack

Solution for secure IT environments, organize equipment while simplifying access for equipment installation and servicing.



Liquid-cooled workstation delivers the perfect balance of capacity, performance and efficiency.

Rave Computer DGX-1


Optimized for deep learning, with fully integrated hardware and software that can be deployed quickly.

Rave Computer 4U Server

4U Server

Breakthrough rackmount system ideal for nearly any GPU-intensive application – liquid cooled.