RAVE powers your workflow.

RAVE® designs and builds workstations to meet the demands of high-performance computing, AI and deep learning, professional design and rendering, modeling, simulation or VR-enhanced design, all packaged in desktop solutions.

High-performance workstations like the RenderBEAST, RenderBEAST HMD, and MobileBEAST,   are optimized for the design, rendering and analysis of large models on your desktop. RAVE Systems® are the perfect solution for content creators, developers, designers, engineers and architects.

The RenderBEAST family are high-performance workstations, optimized for the design and rendering of large models on your desktop.

The power needed to gain efficiency is now at your fingertips.

Rev-Up your Workflow with the RenderBEAST Suite. 

RAVE’s® liquid-cooled workstation integrates deep learning and ray tracing features to deliver the perfect balance of capacity, performance and efficiency.

The NVIDIA Ampere GPUs delivers the performance, extreme memory capacity, and scalability that designers, engineers, architects, and scientists need to create, build, and solve the impossible. Let RAVE help you choose the right GPU to meet your demands of next-generation AI, computationally intensive simulation, photo-realistic rendering, VR enhanced workflows and more.

These mini towers are whisper-quiet and engineered with sufficient cooling capacity for a liquid-cooled processor, up to four NVIDIA®  RTX GPUs and massive amounts of NVMe storage. Get the full potential out of your investment and let RAVE be your trusted advisor for designing your new workstation.

The RenderBEAST is loaded with more advancements than ever before.

RAVE Computer

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Below are some of  the many RAVE Systems® available. Click here for more information and contact us.



 Liquid-cooled workstation delivers the perfect balance of capacity, performance and efficiency.


Supports a full-size desktop CPU and professional graphics in an ultra-small form factor.


VR/MR Optimized for High-Performance.

Google Tower


Whisper-quiet and engineered with sufficient cooling capacity for a liquid-cooled processor and up to four GPUs.


Packs an amazing amount of compute and GPU power into an ultra-small chassis.