RAVE designs solutions for challenging applications where smaller, portable solutions are needed.

RAVE® delivers award-winning custom form factor computers for nearly any compute application to our customers on a regular basis.  We have many portable solutions for various applications available today, but we also love challenges, and are ready to design to your specific use case. RAVE has become the industry leader in producing high quality custom computer designs at the price-point of commercial off-the-shelf systems.

RAVE’s award-winning engineering team consistently tackles challenging integration issues including size, weight and power restrictions while simultaneously delivering the best performance per watt or performance per dollar.

Our portable solutions are engineered with a level of ruggedization that fits the needs of the use case whether than be shock and vibration, motion and travel, thermals, acoustics, or particle intrusion protection.

Our portable systems can include transit cases with precision cut foam for additional safety and support. RAVE has also delivered heavy duty rackmount transit cases for 2-man lift server support.

Some examples of our portable solutions are shown here:

  • miniBEAST
  • Luggables
  • NUCs
  • SFF Fanless (i.e. Nexcom)
  • Shuttle
  • RENDERBEAST equipped w/ optional handle
  • Racked transit servers

RAVE Computer

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Sterling Heights, MI 48312
phone: 800-966-7283
email: info@rave.com

Below is a sampling of RAVE Systems® in this area. Click here for more information and contact us.

Integration Solution

Custom solutions designed for specific customer needs.


Supports a full-size desktop CPU and professional graphics in an ultra-small form factor.



VR Optimized, High-Performance and Portable.


Rugged Tri-Screen

Optimized to deliver the best real time rendering performance available for training and simulation applications.


Pack an amazing amount of compute and GPU power into a small chassis.